The third WiesMUN conference has flourished with approximately 100 international participants to a wonderful event.


It has been our pleasure to having welcomed guests from altogether 18 different nations at the opening ceremony. Gaps between speeches from Daniel and Natalia Simonarson, members of the organizing team, Dustin Dehez, patron of WiesMUN 2015, and Jaqueline Stengel-Rutkowski, the general secretary of 2015’s conference, have been filled with performances of various songs by Mira Seyfettinoglu and Vincet Ott. The finally initiated “Mock-Debate” among the participants about the terrorist group ISIS went down great.


Journalists and chairs have already arrived before the opening ceremony, in order to attend a workshop about how to fulfill their tasks in their positions.


The participants – delegates of a country at the conference – were separated into five committees with different intentions. The main emphasis was put on the conference topic “One World? Global Resource Distribution” as well as on the crisis in the Sudan. The UN Security Council, the Human Rights Council (HRC), the Council for Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), the Social and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) dealt with the problematics of those topics during the conference.


This year, Journalists have been assigned more competences. Thanks to their wonderful job, memories could be captured and stored, that can now be viewed in our gallery.

The journalist team has published a self-made newspaper, “The Daily Prophet”, on a daily base. This way, participants were given the opportunity to gather information about what was happening at the conference, apart from international news through the daily newspaper of the International New York Times.


Aside form the academic part, participants have been enabled to get to know each other better, exchange experiences and sometimes even make friends in coffee and lunch breaks as well as at free time activities that have been provided by the organizer, such as a movie night in the historical building of the Caligari-movie-theatre; bowling; a tour of the federal state parliament of Hesse or enjoying the Kurpark with a simple pick-nick and sports afternoon in the sun.

Additionally, a grill evening with a small campfire was organized the day before the General Assembly.


At the General Assembly [referred to as “GA” in the following], the participants had the opportunity of realizing the many techniques of how to deliver speeches and how to be quick with an answer, they have learned about at the Student Speaking rhetorical-Seminar the day before.


After some hard work at the first day of the GA, the participants could dance, sing and laugh at the “Farewell Party” to end the day.


For many participants, WiesMUN has been an unforgettable experience: friendships have been struck up, self-confidence has been developed, new interests have been discovered, competences have been gained and much more.

The organizer “Verein zur politischen Partizipation e.V.” believes, that those experiences are a great enrichment for all youngsters and is looking forward to WiesMUN in 2016!