WiesMUN 2014

From the experience of the successful first conference in 2013, the Organizers wanted the WiesMUN conference to remain a part of the city`s environment and decided to found a club for youth politics, in charge of annually organizing the WiesMUN conference. With over 15 young people from Wiesbaden and through their great commitment and dedication, WiesMUN 2014 could rise to a new level.
From May 7-11, 2014, the newly founded Organizing Team was glad to welcome 50 students from Spain, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Serbia and Germany in Wiesbaden. We were especially thrilled to meet many of 2013`s participants again in this year`s conference.
In now five working groups, the United Nations Security Council, the Human Rights Council (HRC), the Committee on Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), the Committee on Environment, Health and Development as well as the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM), 50 delegates, steadily accompanied by a herd of well-trained journalists and photographers, were to discuss the crucial topics of the right on asylum, nuclear disarmament, flooding and disease prevention, poverty reduction as well as to tackle the conflict between India and Pakistan. In two exhausting and intense days of committee work, only interrupted by group games, afternoon activities and dinners together, the delegates managed to complete deliberate as well as prudent resolutions, which were strongly supported by some, but criticized by others in the following two days of General Assembly. After a glittering last evening together, the conference was over too soon and many sad faced made their way to central stations and airports. However, thanks to the wonderful media team of 2014, our memory lives on in hundreds of pictures, articles, loads of Facebook posts, a conference video and a wonderful issue of WiesMUN`s newspaper.

We would like to thank especially our many sponsors and Wiesbaden`s mayor, who supported the conference`s progress as this year`s patron.
Thank you all, dear delegates, journalists, chairspersons, speakers, trainers, and most importantly, organizers of WiesMUN 2014!