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WiesMUN, short for Wiesbaden Model United Nations Conference, is a United Nations simulation aiming at students, university students and apprentices between 16 and 25 years worldwide. The conference enables youngsters from all over the world to come together and debate in the role of UN representatives in Hesse’s state capital Wiesbaden, Germany. Besides debates, WiesMUN offers a broad program of culture, sports, intercultural experience and getting to know the beautiful city of Wiesbaden.

You can get further information about WiesMun 2018 on this website and apply online. In case of particular questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via info@wiesmun.de.

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Dear Secretaries General, dear Delegates,

These words of welcome are among of the more cheerful moments in my responsibilities as the chairman of the regional chapter of the German United Nations Association. Such occasions, however, are usually marked by some idle references to the change the world needs to see and in the same vain I could add my hope that the participants of this year’s Wiesbaden Model United Nations (WiesMUN) will contribute to making our planet a better place. But what is often lost in this motivational chatter is that there is and always will be a great deal of disagreement as to the direction of this change. When combating terrorism, do we accept a more invasive state for the sake of better security, or do we accept the risks that come with a society that favours freedom. When combating terrorism, should we accept strongmen to stay in place for the sake of stability, or do we foster broader changes, even if they come with short-term instability? These are by no means petty questions. There are good reasons to end up on either side of the debate. So when debating the issues at hand, let me express my hope that you will always err of the side of liberty. Debate rigorously, challenge your peers and provoke your opponents, for often the debate itself defines the society we live in. The organizers of this year’s WiesMUN have invested a great deal of time in making WiesMUN a promising reality and I can only urge you to make use of the opportunities provided. Conferences, it should be kept in mind, are not about a circulated agenda alone, but mostly about what is being gossiped in the breaks and about what is being achieved when dining and drinking once the sessions are adjourned. It is here that the more lasting achievements can be made and not always are these on the strictly professional side. With that being said, make sure to take history your hostage and enjoy this year’s WiesMUN.
I wish you all a very good time.

Dustin Dehez
Patron of WiesMUN 2015,
Member of the Atlantic Councils “Young Atlanticist Working Group”,
Chairman of the “german society of the United Nations-Hesse”,
Author of the book “Kalter Kafee in Tiflis”