How to create a country profile

Background Information

  1. What is your country’s official name?
  2. What sort of government does your country have?
  3. What types of ideologies influence your country’s government?
  4. Who is the head of your country?
  5. Which Ethnicities can be found in your country?
  6. Which religions can be found in your country?
  7. Which languages can be found in your country?
  8. What are the major cities in your country?
  9. How big is the population?
  10. How is the economy system in your country?
  11. Major exports/imports partners
  12. Major trader partners
  13. What are the agricultural products?
  14. What are the industries products?
  15. Natural Resources
  16. Energy Resources
  17. Which domestic issues might influence your country’s foreign policy?
  18. Has the UN ever had to intervene in any conflict involving your country?
    If so, where and what were the circumstances?
  19. Does your country have any refugee problems? Or Internal Displaced Population problems?
  20. What are some major events/conflicts in your country’s history?
    Why are they important?
  21. Where is your country located and how does its geography affect its political relationships?
  22. Which countries share a border with your country?
  23. Which countries are considered allies of your country?
  24. Which countries are considered enemies of your country?
  25. What are the characteristics of your country’s economy?
  26. What is your country’s gross domestic product (GDP)?
    How does it compared to other countries in the world?
  27. When did your country become a member of the UN?
  28. Does your country belong to any intergovernmental organizations (Please check the list of the Intergovernmental Organizations at Research Database) except the UN system such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the organization of the petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
  29. Does your country belong to any regional organization such as the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU) or the Organization of American States (OAS)?
  30. Does your country belong to any trade organization or agreements such as American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)?

Debate Topics

  1. What are the four problems/threat that currently seem to affect this country?
    1. How does it affect your country?
    2. What has your country done to combat the problem?
    3. What are the various “sides” in the debate?
    4. Which aspects of the issue are most important to your country?
    5. If your country is not involved with the issue, how can it become involved?
  2. How do the positions of other countries affect your’s country position?
  3. Is there evidence or statistics that might help to back up your country’s position?
  4. Try to find at least one recent article that is about or makes reference to this nation (preferably from the past two weeks)