WiesMUN 2013

Taking place from March 8-10, 2013, the WiesMUN history began with a conference of 20 participants in Wiesbaden`s Elly-Heuss-School. On the initiative of two high school students from Wiesbaden, delegates from all over Germany were invited to participate in the first conference and arrived in Wiesbaden. With an inspiring speech on the United Nation`s problems and perspectives, UN representative Arne Molfenter marked the opening of the first conference. In one day of group work, three committees held heated debates about the water supply in LEDC`s, threats of cyber warfare and the 2008 crisis – and three resolutions were submitted by the committees. The General Assembly then discussed and amended these, creating watertight and targeted resolutions.
Even after only three days, saying goodbye was with mixed feelings. Thank you very much for your great contribution!

For pictures of the 2013 conference, see MEDIA.